Lid Emba is demised. Five CDs released between 2006 and 2013 were enough to satiate that particular dream, though all that deranged and obsessive music is still out there to be stumbled upon by non-casual listeners and jaded polyglots. Examples are below, and all tracks can be heard on Soundcloud and YouTube. MP3s can be downloaded from iTunes and the physical CDs ordered from Stickfigure Records.

For Sean Moore's current, visible activity, see Bold Ashes on facebook and demos on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.



Terminal Muse: Yellow | 2013

Installment #3. Concluded the terminal muse triangle.

"The utilization of sounds that blend together yet seem distinct, fuse to each other's core so that they become undetectable—it can be dense, cruel, lonely—but above all else there is a cathartic liberation in these tunes, a sense of shrugging off the shackles." Sonic Masala


Terminal Muse: Blue | 2011

Installment #2. Rated one of the Top 25 Albums of 2011 by Ohmpark Atlanta Music Blog.

"Distortion radiating out from a hazy ground zero. As a musical vision of the vampyric qualities of creativity it’s devastating. Industrial repetition buried under the throb of synths as a battle damaged metaphor for making. Like Goya setting up a Tangerine Dream covers band. Probably before his black period though." 20jazzfunkgreats


Terminal Muse: Red | 2010

Installment #1 in a trio of CDs inspired by disease, Merzbow, Yes, and pitiless persistence. "Terminal muse" is the theory that the unquenchable artistic impulse is a curse or a type of incurable virus that can never be satisfied. Too upbeat?

"Mastered for maximum unease by James Plotkin, the five tracks of dark psychedelic noise on this album are a towering testament to the healing power of efx abuse and truly peculiar ideas about juxtaposing certain sounds and patterns in eccentric methods. Startling and otherworldly." the one true dead angel


We Substitute Radiance | 2008

One-off isolation rupture with Bobcrane, Ryan (Olekranon) Huber's dronescape distorto boombox project. Molotov molotov molotov.

"So mind bendingly complicated that to try and analyze it at any great length is enough to cause a brain hemorrhage for even the most decorated of polymaths." Subba-Cultcha


Reason Isn't Radar | 2006

Teeth skin tripping. Limited means. No MIDI, no strychnine B12, no rococo plug-in library. Landfill Cronenberg.

"The collection overrides any rock-influenced undertones, fusing outright noise with ambient psychedelic sounds. Moreover, it's more the intelligent use of technology and equipment rather than sampling that makes this album uniquely styled, in contrast to most of Lid Emba's contemporaries." allmusic